Mequon Pharmacy handles the medications of the residents of long-term facilities like nursing homes, congregate living and assisted living facilities. As specialists in geriatric pharmacy, Mequon Pharmacy understands the unique needs of the senior population. Elderly patients are an especially important focus of consultant pharmacy practice, not only because of their rapidly growing numbers, but because they are more likely to suffer from drug-related problems such as adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, excessive use of medications, and inappropriate and duplicative drug therapy.


We are able to help create new formulations based upon your patient’s needs. . We compound medications to be administered or used in your office, as permitted by state law. . We price our compounded medications to provide exceptional value. . We have Pharmacists available to provide physician support such as drug information, consultations, and more. . Our Compounded medications come in gels, creams, capsules, suppositories, solutions, suspensions, sugar-free formulations.


Is designed to improve collaboration among pharmacists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. . Enhance communication between patients and their healthcare team. . Optimize medication use for improved patient outcomes. . Empower patients to take an active role in managing their medications. . The services are dependent upon pharmacists working collaboratively with physicians and other healthcare professionals to optimize medication use in accordance with evidence based guidelines.


At MEQUON PHARMACY, our goal is to manage all aspects of your pharmacy needs, hence provide quality end-of-life care. We understand the importance of medicine for hospice patients. Our pharmacy management expertise and innovative clinical programs will help reduce your costs and aid your nurses in providing the best patient care possible. We carry medications specifically for hospice patients. In addition, Mequon Pharmacy offers many delivery options from STAT to overnight depending on the needs of your patients.


We offer blister packaging in order to aid any patient remain on track with daily doses. . We will help make it easier to determine morning, mid, & evening doses. . The calendar provides a visual reminder and check that reduces dozing errors ( i.e., overdose, missed doses). . The large flat blister card and package surfaces enable dosing instructions and patient education and large, readable lettering. . Easy visual verification of product identification and dosage. . This form of packaging brings important safety and usage benefits

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